Organic Cotton Clothing, Ethically Made.

Organic Cotton Clothing, Ethically Made.
Did you know..

It is estimated over 8000 synthetic chemicals are used in the fashion manufacturing process, this includes carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

Our clothes are literally toxic..

Even worse?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting, unethical, and least sustainable industries on the planet.

That’s why I chose to partner with PACT.

They believe the planet, and the people on it, should come first.

They are sustainability certified.


Carbon neutral.

Use fair trade certified factories.

And responsible packaging.

They have something for everyone! From men and women, to babies and kids.

Grab a set of towels or a sheet set and know that you are helping the environment and your health.

Check them our HERE! MEGANF20 will save you 20% ✨

Here's a try on for the pieces I chose:
• Black Thong
• Black Ribbed High Waist Leggings
• Fawn Double V Neck Tunic Sweater
• Black Woven Twill Roll Up Pant
• Saddle Heather Airplane Cardigan
• Charcoal Heather All Ease Sleep Tee

xo Megan