Are You Angry, Or Are You Overstimulated?

Are You Angry, Or Are You Overstimulated?
Do you get angry, but aren’t actually mad?

Moms with ADHD are sensitive to overstimulation because we struggle with filtering out information that we don’t need.

When we get overstimulated, it’s very uncomfortable.

It can come out as irritability, anxiety, anger, fear as it's PHYSICAL discomfort.

We need to get the energy OUT of our bodies.

Becoming aware of this is the first step.

Next time you’re angry or irritable, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “what am I angry about?”

It’s likely that you won’t have a rational answer and you’ll find yourself recognizing the overstimulation from your surroundings.

Once you’re able to recognize the reaction, you can start preparing for it ahead of time.

Don’t blame yourself for the reaction - it’s literally your body trying to escape the discomfort.

Do you experience anger or irritability, even when you’re not actually upset?!

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