Your Products are Hurting You
The No. 1 ingredient to avoid..

Fragrance - aka an umbrella term that covers about 3000 different toxic chemicals.

Do a quick Google search - “the dangers of fragrance”, you’ll be shocked!

The regulations around labeling haven’t been updated since 1976… 45 years 😱

Fragrance is a term that companies use so they don’t have to disclose their “secret ingredients”.

The problem with this is that they can call ANYTHING their secret ingredient.

They could add ammonia to your product and say it’s their secret ingredient and hide it under the term fragrance…

Fragrance is linked to MANY health issues. Some of these include:

- headaches/migraines
- asthma 
- allergies/allergy symptoms
- eczema/rashes/skin issues
- anxiety/depression
- weak immune system, always sick
- fatigue/low energy
- hormone issues
- infertility
- cancer

So, what products contain fragrance?

Pretty much everything…

• Laundry soaps, fabric softener, dryer sheets
• perfume, body spray, deodorant
• lotions, creams, scrubs
• cleaners, soaps, shampoo
• candles, air fresheners, even many cheap essential oils

Now, how do we avoid these?

Only purchase products that do not have fragrance on the label. If a company claims their fragrance is “natural” - then why wouldn’t they disclose what it was?

We will never know what they are putting under the fragrance label.

Be cautious - for you and your family!

There are safer options out there that will completely change your life! 

It’s time to feel GOOD 🙌


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