DIY Dishwasher Powder
Are you still buying store bought dishwasher detergent?!

Have you read the ingredients and warnings..

Go do it now!

I’m serious - go look. Most score as HIGH CONCERN with hazards to health..

Call poison control if ingested? But we’re supposed to coat our dishes with it and then eat off of it? Okay… 🤔

And what about the cost?!

$20 for 40 washes?!

I make my own - and have for the last 3 years!

It’s SO easy, cost effective, and non toxic 🙌🏻

$0.14 a cycle, 3x cheaper!!

- 1 cup washing soda (HERE is the one I use)
- 1/2 cup citric acid (my fav one HERE)
- 1/2 cup white salt (any grocery store, or if you're like me and prefer not leaving the house, HERE is the one I use)
For extra degreasing power and a fresh scent, add:
- 8 drops lemon oil
- 8 drops lime oil

* double as needed to fill your glass jar *

Time to make: 5 minutes
How much to use: 1 TBSP per load
Rinse Aid: I use white vinegar

** TURN OFF heat dry. This can leave a residue on your glassware!

Save money + your health - win win!

Who’s adding this to their to do list?

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  1. Amazing Megan.
    Thank u. Ur tips r the BEST!!!!!!!!💗….gonna do it. Ingredients r On my grocery list!!!!🤪

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