Do You Do the Walk of Shame?
If you’re like me, you get it. 

You want into a room, forget what you went in there for, then remember while you’re in the middle of a task, so you leave that task and get distracted again… 

So, you have 10 half completed tasks and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, even though you haven’t stopped.

You don’t need a diagnosis to start improving your daily life!

Whether it’s adhd, forgetfulness, mom brain, or just taking on too much.. There are ways to help!

The most common symptoms of adhd are:

• fidgeting
• not completing tasks
• doing multiple things at once
• forgetting what you were doing
• diffuculty focusing 
• excessive talking
• easily distracted
• impulsive

I know it’s overwhelming, but here’s some simple ways to improve your focus!

The biggest thing - awareness. Recognize when you’re about to abandon a task, write down the new task, and finish the first one.

Writing it down allows your brain to let it go and refocus.

• set focus alarms
• take breaks
• use a planner
• daily to do lists 
• oils to focus
• morning routine
• break tasks down into small ones
• exercise

SAVE this page. We both know you’re not going to remember 🤣

How do you manage your forgetfulness?

I like to keep things light and funny - here's a reel I made for my fellow adhd moms.


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