Primary King Room with ensuite
(double occupancy max, limited option to add third occupant for additional cost; email for info)
Primary suite with one king bed & private bathroom

2 nights accommodation + 1 yoga session + 5 meals + day event pass + special gift to take home
(only 1 of this room type is available)

$1050 CAD (approx $777 USD)

Bookings are BY THE BED. If you want the room to yourself, it's yours! IF you'd like to share, please use the link below to pay in full and arrange payment with your roommate for their half.

EX: Sally wants the room to herself, Sally pays in full.
EX 2: Sally + Jane want to share a room. Sally pays in full and coordinates with Jane to pay half to her.

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Bookings are non-refundable. We will try our best to fill your spot, however this is not guaranteed.

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