Megan Foster
How to Get Unstuck and Start Thriving

PS: It's a LOT easier than you think!

Here’s some things that always help me get back on track when I’m feeling stuck!

+ GRATITUDE - start each day being grateful. I write out 5 things I’m grateful for that happened in the last 24 hours! This forces us to think about small details in our day (especially if it wasn’t that great!). This also helps us notice more positive things in our day to day life. 

+ JOURNAL - write out all your thoughts. Whether it makes sense or not, just get them out! Write out your big goals and dreams. Write your affirmations. This helps reduce anxiety, improve motivation, and slow the racing thoughts. 

+ GOALS - write out your big goals on a piece of paper and put them somewhere you will see it daily. Read them again and again! Make sure you’re focusing on one goal and break it down in manageable chunks. 
+ MORNING ROUTINE - Having a game plan for as soon as you wake up will help set you up for success! Wake up at the same time every morning, drink a glass of water, journal + gratitude, read your goals, meditate/pray, read a book, etc. This is custom to you and what sets you up for success the best! I highly recommend not checking your phone for at least 30 minutes in the morning. This allows you to set intentions for the day, rather than have external influences on your mood as soon as you wake up.

+ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - read the book, listen to the podcast, take the course! Choose one and focus on it. Take notes! Enjoy the growth process.

+ ACCOUNTABILITY - in order for us to succeed, we need to stay accountable. If we don’t follow through with our plans, it actually teaches us that we can’t trust ourselves. It’s great to have an accountability partner, but sticking to your word for YOU will have a huge impact!

+ GRACE - remember that this is a journey! Enjoy the process. Yes, times get tough -  but, that makes the end result so much more satisfying when you reach it!!

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