Megan Foster
How to Effectively Follow Up with Prospects

PS: This is THE most important thing you can do for your business!

First, let's talk about WHAT prospects are!

Prospects, or leads, are anyone who has shown an interest in the products or business, but has not committed yet. This can be through social media, online or in person events, coffee dates, or any other connections you make with others.

Following up after someone has shown interest is incredibly important. The average person takes 5-12 exposures to a product before they commit. This means that they need to hear about it 5 to 12 TIMES before they jump in!

Before we get any further, this DOES NOT mean to send them multiple messages about the products.

We need to do this authentically and with purpose. We want to help them meet a need and show them how to solve a problem they are having. Don't focus on the sale, focus on the person.

Now, HOW do we follow up:

1. Call to Action
- this is telling your audience what you want them to do. When you talk to someone about a product, share a sample, send them a link, etc you always want to give them a CTA. This can be a simple, "let me know when you've had a chance to ____" or "I'll check in with you in a few days, does that work for you?" We need to be direct with what we expect from them!

2. Check in with them
- This is the number one thing people don’t do!! I know it probably feels annoying and you don’t want to “bug” anyone, but remember, they were interested and connected with you. Just by messaging someone and saying “hey, so happy you joined our event this weekend, I hope you enjoyed it!” will open the conversation. If you went on a coffee date, you can say something like "so nice to see you, I had a great time catching up" as the conversation flows, ask them about whatever they were interested in. Never start the conversation off with product talk. I’d say 50% of my sales come from these conversations post event/date/etc!!

3. Keep in touch
- If someone was in your group, interacted on a post, or had a follow up conversation, but didn’t sign up, that’s okay!! Keeping in touch is a great way to continue building that relationship. This doesn’t mean asking about products, just interacting on their posts, asking how they’re doing here and there, etc. People often aren’t at a place where they’re ready to jump in, but when they are, they’ll know who to go to! Be the one who's consistent, who's always showing up, and giving them all the exposures they need!

Following up with prospects will increase your sales, there is no doubt about that!

Make sure you have a system in place to TRACK these! A notebook, planner, excel, etc - it doesn't matter your method, just make sure you have one!

Now, get out there and start connecting with YOUR people!

We are here to serve our people!
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