My ditch and switch challenges have been such a huge success over the last year, I decided to put them all together in an easy to follow format so you will have access to ALL CONTENT in advance. I personally enrolled over 450 people using this method!

Pick and choose which challenge to do and when, reuse year after year (everyone loves an annual spring clean with Thieves!), and watch your team grow. They are created to educate on wellness, products, and create an easy entrance for those wanting to improve their lives!

There are 15+ challenges - including Ningxia, Self Care, Thieves Cleaning, Hair Growth, Healing the Gut, Kicking out Candles, Hormones, Lymph Detox, Back to School, Skincare, Online Parties, and more! * Some of these have never been done in my coaching group before!!

BONUS for the first 50 people: show your face challenge, succulent diffuser in person PSK classes, builder challenge, and a drink your water challenge!

Right now, this course is 30% off at $799 CAD* ($599 USD)* and it will increase to full price of $1149 CAD once the first 50 leaders have grabbed it to revamp their businesses! 
Value: $2500+
* Payment plans are available.

Keep reading to see how extensive these are!


- social media prime + prep planners
- prime + prep schedule, guide, and tips
- custom campaigns
- custom recipe guides
- detailed current member emails
- how to share on social media successfully
- custom bundle options
- graphics + posts for up to 21 day challenges
- games + engagement for your members
- editable canva templates to adjust graphics as needed
- optional custom Get Oiling resource bundle to import: campaign, tags, opt in/out, confirmation in/out, saved reply, automations, etc so all you have to do it accept it and send to contacts, EASY BUTTON!
- step by step video explanation
- discussion room to ask questions
- FAQs

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