Absolute Will
An international best seller that aims to inspire others who are struggling, to show pain can be turned into purpose, and that one's past does not need to define one's future.

I shared my story on how my marriage changed drastically as my partner had his life taken over by addiction and turned into someone I know longer knew. Grab the ebook below to read how my 1 year old daughter and I started a new chapter on our own, becoming successful, and most importantly, happy!

Absolute Will is a powerful, heartfelt, inspirational collaboration by twenty-one women from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the Unites States of America, Australia, South Africa, and Bulgaria.

As one of the authors, I linked arms with some amazing women to share our personal, vulnerable, insightful TRUE STORIES of willpower when facing emotional and mental health crises, physical injuries, and disease.

Our stories range from coping with or overcoming chronic fatigue, chronic pain and autoimmune diseases, leaving abusive relationships, and choosing to continue with pregnancy despite a life limiting/"not compatible with life" diagnosis, to working through PTSD and anxiety from childhood trauma, becoming resilient and purposeful after tragic deaths of loved ones, and living with the physical and emotional scars of being born dying.


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