How would you like to have a step by step plan to growing your business?

Would it be helpful for you to have a 12 month guide to getting new members and encouraging current members to join Essential Rewards/Subscribe&Save?

Then this might be for you!

16 'Done for You" challenges + online events to use year after year with editable content to customize it YOUR WAY.

No more running out of ideas or spending hours creating content.

The GOAL: to teach your members how to swap their products at a reasonable pace, without overwhelming them, and to show them how to save money along the way!

This will also help you become DUPLICATABLE and show your new builders exactly what to do. They can jump in at any point, without feeling overwhelmed!

Here's what to expect:

- a step by step guide on HOW to successfully launch a challenge + bring in new members

- 16 different topics (hormones, lymph, gut health, skincare, thieves cleaning, holiday, back to school, ningxia, AND MORE!)

- these can be used year after year, they will coordinate with seasons/holiday launches/etc

- each month will have 2/3 bundle options of YL products for new and current members to choose from, to accommodate for varying budgets (of course these can be modified by you or the member)

- printable graphics for each topic - DIYs, education, money saving hacks, tips. Can be used for emails, snail mail, messaging platforms (get oiling, project broadcast, etc)

- monthly launch for each topic to give people a chance to jump in, without being salesy

- prime + prep guide prior to each launch, to set you up for success on social media

- monthly campaigns - with emails that can be scheduled to send out daily/weekly (or customized to your plans)

- graphics to post in your groups or to run a challenge

There is a recording training on EXACTLY how to implement these challenges, so you're never confused!

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