If you're reading this, my guess is that you struggle with social media. Whether it's knowing what to post, when to use which type of content, increasing engagement, or learning how work with the algorithm - I've got you!

I've been a full time content creator on social media for 4 years. These are the exact steps I've used to grow my main page by 50,000 in 90 days and starting a brand new page that has almost 3000 followers in 3 months (reaching over 200,000 people).

My Social Media Takeover is a deep dive into how to use social media as a business platform. I teach you exactly WHAT to post, WHEN to post, HOW to post, how to beat the algorithm, use hashtags + SEO, increase followers + engagement, creating "viral" reels, how to use curiosity posts effectively, pinterest, tiktok, AND SO MUCH MORE!

You will have access to my 30 day social media calendar, that tells you exactly what type of content to post each day - and it can be reused month after month.

We had a reels expert share some of her tips on how she’s went viral multiple times and we did a 30 day reels challenge. The first time I did this, I grew by 5000 followers in less than 90 days! I did this again, and on day 28 I had a viral reel take off and reach 14 million people. Since then, I have had multiple reels pass 1 million and have created a community of people who all all in the same niche.

I’ve had so many people take the course and Every. Single. One. has came back to say how their social media presence improved. The biggest bonus is that they are enjoying social media + it doesn't feel like a chore anymore!

This course JUST went through an upgrade and every module was redone. They are all videos, with write ups, and a printable social media calendar.

Make sure to join the student group - you’ll have a link in the confirmation email!

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